Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pottery Goodness

This piece brings me so much joy when I look at it.  I think coil construction is probably the most rewarding technique I've learned so far.  Of course I've yet to learn how to throw pieces on the wheel, so there most certainly will be more rewards (and challenges) to come.  
Whenever I am working in this technique I find I am at once so focused yet so very much in outer space.  It always leaves me feeling somewhat relaxed and hypnotized, kind of like a good massage or a productive therapy session.
I'm finding there are lessons to be learned from working with clay that reach far beyond those of form and function.  The parallels to parenting alone are astounding with regard to nurturing, guidance, and, most of all, relinquished control.  So many pieces have evolved into something I didn't expect, as though the clay knew all along what form it would take. Those pieces I strong armed, committing myself to stick to a plan, emerged from the kiln a vague disappointment. Other pieces have been a challenge to the point of my willful dismissal, but upon hearing a tiny voice in my head to "Just go ahead, glaze it," I followed the orders only to discover beauty that would have never been realized.